Dental Implants Atlanta

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In one office, in one day, our collective team can help you reclaim your smile.


Many times, the process to complete your implant can be tedious, involving multiple doctors and appointments. An oral surgeon must be consulted with, an offsite scan may be needed at an imagery lab, then you return for surgery and finally visit a separate prosthodontist for completing your restoration.

But this isn't the case with One Day dental implants. Our collective team of skilled specialists partner together to provide you the best care possible. Learn more about your team.


All of these steps can be completed in one location, and in many cases, one visit. With our assembled group of specialists in one office, your needs can be identified and treated effectively and quickly. Now you will be spared the hassle of making multiple visits to different locations and paying separate, varying fees. Tour our location in Atlanta.


In our convenient process, you will receive and exam and consultation with our team of professionals. After we work with you to determine the best treatment option and provide a set cost, you can decide to move forward with treatment. If moving forward, our knowledgeable specialists can treat your needs in a one-day procedure, all in-house. With our all-on-four procedure and in-house labs, you can leave with fully functioning, aesthetically pleasing temporaries. After 6-8 months, you will receive your permanent set of teeth.