Dental Implants Atlanta

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Dental Implant Illustration

Tooth loss, whether from periodontal disease, trauma or age, is a common problem many people face. But it doesn't have to be a permanent problem. If you have experienced tooth loss, relying on inconvenient, uncomfortable dentures or bridges is not your only option.

With One Day dental implants, you can fully restore your teeth to their natural state. No more removing appliances, avoiding certain foods or feeling self-conscious. Dental implants provide a secure, natural-looking and permanent way to replace missing teeth. Dental implants offer:

Natural Speaking

Natural speaking

No need to stay home, feel uncomfortable or worry that removable dentures or other prosthetics will loosen or fall out when you talk or laugh. Dental implants let you, not your teeth, lead your life. Implants offer a natural feel, so your speech isn't affected by loose, slipping dentures.

Natural Chewing

Natural chewing with dental implants

With dental implants, you can eat virtually any foods you like with no restrictions. With implants acting as natural teeth, you can bite naturally, unlike removable dentures that can inhibit you from enjoying certain foods.

Natural Appearance

Natural appearance with dental implants

A great aspect of dental implants is that know one will know you have them! Dental implants are custom designed to blend in identically with your existing teeth, allowing you to smile with natural confidence.

Protection of Healthy Bone

Dental implants help promote healthy bone

Empty spaces in your mouth that remain after losing one or more teeth can lead to additional health issues, such deterioration of parts of your jawbone. When it is not being used to support a natural tooth, the jawbone deteriorates, losing its strength. Dental implants are the only dental restoration option that preserves and stimulates natural bone, actually helping to stimulate bone growth and prevent bone loss.

Don't feel ashamed or frustrated with your teeth another day. You want to eat the foods you love, you want to engage others with full confidence and you want the natural feel and look of a great smile. One Day dental implants can help you reclaim all of these important things all at once. Your smile, function and health are well worth investing in!