Do you live outside of the Atlanta area? No problem. We can still help you.

We have many patients that fly or drive to us from all over to get the best dental implant treatment. Our goal is to make that is easy as possible for you.
For those traveling to us from out of state, we have a process that works a little differently than the process for our local patients.
  • Step #1: Call us and let us know your situation.

    Call our office and talk to one of our friendly care coordinators.

  • Step #2: You will need to have a 3D X-ray taken.

    Don't worry! We have a network of dental offices across the country that can accommodate you. When you call us, we will point you to the closest option for a 3D X-ray.

  • Step #3: We will schedule a virtual consultation.

    We will schedule a virtual consultation with you that will include a consultation with one of our implant specialists, as well as one of our financial coordinators who will create a financial roadmap with you.

  • Step #4: We will schedule your treatment.

    We will schedule your treatment dates and help you make your travel arrangements. Please see below for a list of local accommodations, restaurants, attractions, etc.


Local Accommodations, Restaurants, Attractions, etc.

Restaurants - breakfast & lunch

Restaurants - for a night out

Let's start this journey together. Today is the first day of the rest of your life.

one day implants

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